A Picture A Day – Day 284: Blog Business


It’s just one of these days…

#11 of my 40 before 40:


  • Make 20 recipes from 20 different countries
    Because 40 seemed like a stretch somehow. Love finding out more about international cuisines

#13 of my 40 before 40:


  • Cook every dish in a cookbook


Just yesterday, I decided on which cookbook I wanted to turn into my #13: John Gregory-Smith’s Mighty Spice Express Cookbook, which coincidentally has recipes from all over the world, so it ties in nicely with #11.

And then it happened.


“You should start a separate blog all about food! Why stop at blogging about Mighty Spice Express? Why not review other cookbooks? A 10-recipe verdict! And now that you mention recipes: why stop at 20 countries? Why not try a recipe for every country? You could ask other bloggers for inspiration! Wait, there’s more! Blog about strange ingredients! About kitchenware! Kitchen gadgets! OH MY GOD! THIS IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA!”

Original? No.

Très me? Oui!

Off to the drawing board!



Mr Oak’s Morning

Started writing a short story that I’ve had cooped up in the ol’ brain for far too long. Here’s the first few lines:

Mr Oak stepped outside, opened his umbrella and sighed. He had no fondness for drizzle. Showers he approved of, as they warranted the use of an umbrella when venturing out into the open. The sturdy tapping on the canopy confirmed your choice of meteorological protection as a wise one, a normal one. Drizzle, on the other hand, offered no such assurance. With drizzle, the use of an umbrella suddenly became a matter of personal preference, of psychological folly, some would have you believe. Indeed, Mr Oak had, in the past, felt the awkward stares of his umbrella-free counterparts out and about in the Chesterbrook streets on many a drizzle day. How he resented being stared at. After all, why should he be thought of as strange for bringing his umbrella? Why not them? Why would anyone, in fact, prefer clamminess to a safe, dry passage? No. Drizzle would elicit no sympathy from him.

Wedding DIY – Wedding favour stand

I had some free time on my hands this morning, so I decided to finally tackle our wedding favour stand. All you need are some sturdy branches, wood slices, some glue, wood screws and, in our case, DIY bees (repurposed Easter chicks)!

Can’t give away too much about the actual favours, but they fit into our theme (bzzzzzz!) quite nicely. ^^

IMG_5008IMG_5017 IMG_5010 IMG_5009

Wedding Cake Trial 1 Status Report


I used the Nordic Ware beehive pan for the chocolate cake, which I then cut into three sections so I could add two layers of fresh fruit (blueberries & pear+almond slivers) in between before putting the fondant on.

This was my first time ever working with fondant. The bees and flowers weren’t too difficult, the beehive itself… Oy! Any pointers on how to get it on there a little more smoothly would be much appreciated!

IMG_7573 IMG_7563 IMG_7556 IMG_7570 IMG_7559 IMG_7554 IMG_20150424_233719 IMG_20150424_124445 IMG_20150424_133035


1. Chocolate cake: OK, though a little too dense. I might try adding the fruit to the cake mix next time, as well as adding layers of fresh fruit. Cake-covering fondant skills need improvement. (6/10)
2. Cupcakes: Honey & sour cream buttercream: booooo! Did not stand up well to torture at all. Crisco lemon buttercream ftw! Holds its shape beautifully, even in hot temperatures. Cupcake fillings (I tried fresh passion fruit and a pomegranate-lemon curd): delish! (9/10)