40 before 40 update: #29… or not?


#29: See a live performance of Nessun Dorma, Figaro’s Aria, O Mio Babbino Caro or any other aria I feel strongly about.

Last week, I accompanied a merry band of second-year students on their trip to Budapest, where I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the city’s magnificent opera house.

If you take a tour of the building, you’re given the chance to have a 5-minute mini-concert at the main staircase.

Three guesses as to what aria our not-so-fat lady sang? Yup! O Mio Babbino Caro!

The only thing is… the music wasn’t live. So… does it count as a live performance?

I’m not ticking it off just yet! After all, I still have quite a few years to go. 😉


In the meantime, still working on many 40b40 list items (despite the dramatic lack of updates — apologies!). Promise!



Yes, I’m still here! 40 before 40 update!

#27: Get published

Not exactly what I had in mind when I compiled this list, but I am SO counting this!

A few months ago, I received an email from the lovely Sophie Godwin, telling me the good people of BBC Good Food really liked a recipe I’d posted in the GF community. She asked me whether I was interested in having my broccoli, Gruyère and chorizo soup professionally shot by one of their food stylists, with a full-page feature in this year’s Christmas issue.

Needless to say, I grabbed my wife and spun her around the room a few times. Joy to the world!

I BBC Good Food. In fact, we even included a one-year subscription as part of our wedding registry in 2015; so having one of my recipes published in the Christmas edition (C for Christmas Nut, remember?) made my year. YAY!

I’ll be sharing the recipe @ The Chirpy Chef soon!

40 before 40 update: #15

#15: Go on a road trip with the Mrs

This August, Mrs Pomegranate and I hit the road in Malaysia, driving from Kuala Lumpur to the Cameron Highlands, Ipoh, Penang, Belum and Kota Bharu, taking in some UNESCO World Heritage on the way (go, go, go, #21!). See our photo diaries here!



A Picture A Day – Day 365: Anniversary (part II) selfies!

The end of my picture a day project! Seeing as Mrs Pomegranate and I celebrated our first anniversary for the second time today (we had our civil wedding on July 14th, our church wedding on July 18th), anniversary selfies were in order! We went on a trip to the Belgian seaside and had a great day out! So to conclude #34 of my 40 before 40 (Complete a 365 photo challenge): one beach selfie, one post-granita selfie!



Bali Honeymoon 2015

40 before 40 update #1 — Wedding Bells, Cocktails and Trying New Things

The first update… and it’s a big one. Ms G. is now my Mrs! ^^ We got married on 14th (civil wedding) and 18th July (church wedding). More pictures and details still to come. In the meantime, you’ll have to settle for one of our photo booth “aaaaw” piccies to celebrate #8 — Get Married:


We left on our Bali honeymoon on 21st July. After being stuck on Dubai airport for 9 hours — courtesy of the Raung volcano –, we made it in the end and had a truly memorable stay. Again, separate update on its way!

So, much obliged, Bali, for allowing me to tick off the following items from my list:

#16 Go snorkelling

Long live Gili Air! Long live sea turtles! Boo back/leg sunburns!

#18 — Leave Europe


#19 — Have Balinese chicken wings… in (on?) Bali!

Twice, even! And they tasted nothing like the ones I make, haha. 😀

wingies1 wingies2

#22 — Have a cocktail on a white sandy beach

Long live Gili Air’s happy hour!


Moreover, since getting started on my 40 before 40, I’ve tried 5 (i.e. 1/8 of #40) new (memorable) things worth mentioning:

  • 21st March 2015: tried my hand at quail eggs for the first time. Pure HORROR. The damn things kept falling apart while I was trying to peel them (the recipe called for hard-boiled ones).
  • 18th April 2015: took a dance class. The first of about eight or nine in total (for our opening dance). It actually went FAR better than I expected. Still not a fan of dancing, but we impressed everyone and made a few people cry (in a good way :p). That’s saying something, isn’t it?
  • May 2015/July 2015: Learn how to play a Philip Glass piece (x2!). I got started on “An Unwelcome Friend” a few years ago (after Moonlight Sonata and my triumphant return to the piano keys after a 14-year hiatus) but soon gave up. After successfully learning “Truman Sleeps” (which, granted, is not that tricky), I decided to have another go. Getting my own piano (yay!) helped a lot, hehe. Et voilà! Without a doubt, I’ll be playing my way through The Hours in the months/years to come.
  • 2nd August 2015: ordered room service. This may come as a surprise, but it was, I kid you not, the first time ever, both for me and my wife. We’d promised ourselves some room service on our honeymoon and after spending the afternoon at the Mengwi temple, the Alas Kedaton monkey forest and Tanah Lot, we didn’t feel like going out anymore. The perfect time for some room service… Spring rolls, an Indonesian Caesar salad, chilli prawn Singapore, cumi cumi bumbu asam manis and a Sri Phala sundae!
  • 4th August 2015: had a fish pedicure (My wife really wanted to give it a try during our time in Sanur, so I joined in.) Weird. Fun but weird. (My wife giggled through the whole 20-minute experience.)

And finally, I also started on my 365 photo challenge (#34) on 20th July! I’ll start uploading right now!

So there we are: five down, thirty-five to go, and two in progress! Not too shabby, eh?