30 before 30 update #30 — THE END

This is it! Tomorrow we make room for the big three-oh.

On my final day as a 29-year old, I managed to complete the final items on the list:

#13. Get a 50% score on IMDb’s top 250

Last night, Ms G and I watched Django Unchained (how hilarious was Samuel L. Jackson in that one?!); today I went solo, starting off with The Big Lebowski (complete crap, if you ask me, apart from John Goodman’s character). Then along came The Usual Suspects (with an ending I saw coming from the very beginning…). I finished with City Lights, seeing as I’d never watched a full Charlie Chaplin film. Now I know why. :p

Luckily, there were some real thrills along the way to 50%. Big shout-outs to North by Northwest, Vertigo, Some Like It Hot and The Perks of Being A Wallflower!

#14. Add a touch of Frasier to our home.

I for I'm Listening*giggle* Also included in my photo alphabet under I for I’m Listening. 😉

#30. Make a wish at 3 different wishing wells/fountains/…

I went to “De Beemden” today (a nature reserve in my current hometown), where I found the perfect spot for my final wish:


And then, of course, there’s #21 — Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet — Not just random pictures, obviously, but truly personal ones. Behold, my photo alphabet (click the first photograph and use the right arrow to find out how each letter is represented)!

So long, 20s… It’s been swell!


30 before 30 update #29

Only two more days to go, and a few more items to tick off the list!

#5. Attend a Star Wars-related event — This originally said “Attend a Star Wars premiere”, but Episode VII won’t be released until 2015 (Boooo!) so I’m making do. Not having Star Wars on my list would be sacrilegious! 😉

Unfortunately, there simply weren’t any official events… so I had a mini-event of my own.


The first film since Chester (kittyyyyy) moved in + Ms G’s first ever SW screening. That’s got to count for something, right? I’m also including this in the photo alphabet under M is for May the Force Be with You.

#12. Visit 15 museums, (at least) 5 of which abroad — I’m thinking one for each month I have left until my 30th birthday, starting in April. As a bonus, I’ll only be counting museums I’ve never been to!

Finally made it to the Sinte Gitter archaeological site (on my doorstep), where we also came across this:

creepy creepy2

A disused water well (i.e. wishing well!), straight from a Grimm fairytale! Here’s where I made wish number 2. Only one more and #30 is done!

#15. See Stephen Fry and/or Famke Janssen and/or Meryl Streep and/or Miranda Hart and/or any other celebrity I feel strongly about (not in a stalker kind of way) in the flesh. — See, not necessarily meet, though that would be suh-weet!

Ms G, my soon-to-be sister-in-law and I went to the Antwerp Book Fair on Saturday. Found a lovely Find Waldo-esque book about a penguin family (hooray!) and


… saw Jeroen Meus, my favourite Belgian TV chef in the flesh. Not quite as good as Fry/Janssen/Streep/Hart, but it’ll do for now. 😉

So that leaves:

#13. Get a 50% score on IMDb’s top 250 — I’m currently at 32.5% 40%!

>> Four more films to go!

#14. Add a touch of Frasier to our home.

>> Planned for Thursday!

#21. Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet — Not just random pictures, obviously, but truly personal ones.

>> Four more photographs, but I know exactly what’s left.

#30. Make a wish at 3 different wishing wells/fountains/…

>> Two down, one to go. Thursday’s the day.
Stay tuned for the final (and, ironically, thirtieth) 30 before 30 update!

Life Update (+ 30 before 30 update #28)

October 23rd, 2014

Ms G. came home to find a path of 214 candles, along with 34 milestones from our time together.


A little game or nibbles in between…




And some visual highlights too…




Then down we went to the kitchen… More candles!



A little side trip to the happy lights-spangled mirror and a fairy-tale moment. Mirror, mirror on the wall… A private dialogue ensued, and out came the ring, designed specifically for her.


Along with a home-cooked meal fit for royalty. 😉


Next, the photographer in Ms G. took over for a little while. :p





A liiiiittle bit closer…


And back on her finger it went! We’re engaged!

[Two of these pictures will be used in my photo alphabet:


E for Engagement (obviously!)…


… and U for Untravelled Paths.]

30 before 30 update #27 — Photo Alphabet & Christmas… Again

#25 — Hand-make “something” for Christmas

And what better to build than your own nativity scene stable!

Q is for

I’ll probably still add some finishing touches here and there in the years to come, but I’m immensely proud already. This one will also be included in my photo alphabet under Q is for Quintessentially Christmassy.

Other (overdue) photo alphabet updates:

N is for No Adults Allowed

N is for No Adults

Ms G, my Dad and I had a Play-Doh blast at my nephew’s 2nd birthday party. I don’t think we’ll ever really grow up. And I love that.

30 before 30 update #26 — Hogwarts Moments

#29. Throw a themed dinner party

This Halloween, there was only one option: a Deathly Hallows’ Eve!

The invitation:


Headmaster: Gudulrica Oakwood

(Order of Merlin, First Class)
Dear Mr/Ms X,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been cordially invited to The Deathly Hallows’ Eve Feast. Please find full specifications below, along with a list of all necessary equipment.

The Feast shall take place at Oakwood Manor, [home address], Landen (look for the pumpkin Portkey) on Friday 31st October at 18.00.

The evening’s entertainment shall consist of a tour of Oakwood Manor, followed by a magical cocktail round and three-course dinner, plus a screening of The Daily Prophet’s re-enactment of the Second Wizarding War (Parts I & II).

All guests will require:

  1. One costume in honour of a famous/infamous witch or wizard
  2. One empty stomach
  3. One set of interesting magical/Muggle conversation starters

Guests may also bring, if they desire, a contribution to the Department of Magical Drinks and Desserts.

Yours sincerely,

Daionus McPenguorus

Deputy Headmaster

Our menu consisted of:

I. A Nefarious Nibble: Dragon Eggs
II. A Scrumptious Starter: Severus Snape’s Sweet Potato Soup (served in a huge pumpkin, of course!)
III. A Most Disturbing Main Course: Dragon Blood Roast or Ravenclaw Risotto & Voldemort’s Vegetables + Potter’s Potatoes
IV. Devilish Desserts (Cauldron Cakes, Golden Snitches, Sorting Hat Treats, Acid Pops, Kettle Corn, Mad-Eye Balls and Fizzing Whizbees)

Some highlights:

My pumpkin Portkey (so proud!)


Flying keys (loved these in The Sorcerer’s Stone)


Table setting


Hogwarts letters! Yay!


Costumes… Meet your hosts, Mad-Eye and Minerva. 😉







And one final look at that Portkey, which I’ll be including in my photo alphabet under H for Hogwarts Halloween 2014.


30 before 30 update #25 — Goonies Never Say Die!

#1 — Have a Goonie day/weekend. Not quite as perfect as actually going to Astoria, but still…

Ms G. and I started our Goonie weekend with our first Baby Ruth ever (much obliged, Amazon). I wasn’t too impressed with the taste, but add my best Sloth impression (Ruth! Ruth! Baby… Ruth!) to the mix and what you’ve got is movie magic, dear reader! 😉

Next up: a round of geocaching (which took care of #19 in one go), i.e. “treasure hunting” (kind of).


We didn’t really know what we were looking for once we got to the coordinates, so there we were, trying to find a metal box or something of the like, while actually the cache was this:


Once we’d figured that out, it was a breeze:



Next stop on our Goonie tour: golf! We drove all the way up to Limburg for an in-door mini-golf experience, which had a real Goonies vibe going for it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much of a steady hand that day, so behold… Blurred mini-golf madness!




Two-eyed Willie 😉


Once Ms G. had gone to bed…

1. I did the Truffle Shuffle in our kitchen, with the lights turned off (you never know).

2. I taped some kitchen string to my #20 (Buy something outrageous and utterly useless, just for fun) et voilà, Pinchers of Peril! I even threw in a One-Eyed Willie alternative! 😉 This will also be part of my photo alphabet, G is for Goonies Never Say Die.


I finished the Goonie weekend on YouTube: