Well, hello there!

Welcome to the online abode of your favourite (and probably only) Aetherian: me!

This blog was initially set up for my 365 project full of rhyme (see original intro below), but has since become my regular online hang-out. 😉

Here’s a short overview of what you can find:

Aetherian? (About me)
40 before 40 (The list that proves that I may be growing old(er) but I’m not growing up just yet 😉 )
30 before 30 (The COMPLETED list, as of 13/11/2014)
Project 365 (My year full of rhyme; June 11th, 2012 — June 11th, 2013)
Scribbles (Two children’s stories and 10 questions for aspiring authors)
The Chirpy Chef (Some recipes, some rhymes and a tribute to granola. The Chirpy Chef also has his own blog: The Chirpy Chef!)
The Restless Renovator (Woes, frustrations and a Shirley Bassey spoo )
The Sporadic Traveller (Proof of my actually leaving the house!)
Contact (Get in touch)

Thanks for stopping by!

The Original Intro [June 11th, 2012]:

Every saga has a beginning… and although this will get nowhere near a saga, it will keep me occupied for the next twelve months – at least, that’s the idea.

Say what?

After reading about Project 365 (trailing behind in the trending department, I know… To be fair though, I do live in Belgium, so it’s kind of a given), I decided to venture into the blogosphere with a mission of my own.

The premise is simple: write one rhyme (however short and/or ridiculous it may be) every day for the next year. Topicwise I’m not imposing any rules or limitations, but I expect the day’s events to serve as my main source of inspiration. If not… there’s always Star Wars.



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