A Picture A Day – Day 284: Blog Business


It’s just one of these days…

#11 of my 40 before 40:


  • Make 20 recipes from 20 different countries
    Because 40 seemed like a stretch somehow. Love finding out more about international cuisines

#13 of my 40 before 40:


  • Cook every dish in a cookbook


Just yesterday, I decided on which cookbook I wanted to turn into my #13: John Gregory-Smith’s Mighty Spice Express Cookbook, which coincidentally has recipes from all over the world, so it ties in nicely with #11.

And then it happened.


“You should start a separate blog all about food! Why stop at blogging about Mighty Spice Express? Why not review other cookbooks? A 10-recipe verdict! And now that you mention recipes: why stop at 20 countries? Why not try a recipe for every country? You could ask other bloggers for inspiration! Wait, there’s more! Blog about strange ingredients! About kitchenware! Kitchen gadgets! OH MY GOD! THIS IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA!”

Original? No.

Très me? Oui!

Off to the drawing board!



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