Bali (feat. Gili Air) from A to Z!

A for… Art & Architecture

B for…Barracuda!

Gili Air - Barracuda! YUM!

Gili Air – Barracuda! YUM!

C for… Canang Sari (daily offerings)

D for… Dancing & Music

E for… Eek(?)! Critters & Crawlies.

F for… First-Rate Food!

G for… Geckos (EVERYWHERE)!



H for… Hindu Highlights

I for… Interesting Drinks!

J for… Just Sit Back & Relax

Pagoda Princess (Sanur)

Pagoda Princess (Sanur)

K for… Kites

Air ship!

Air ship!

L for… LOADS of scooters!

Scooters @ Sanur

Scooters @ Sanur

M for… Monkeys! (Visit to Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest)

N for… Neverending Sunshine


O for… Origami Towels!

P for… Purification Experience!

Purification @ Amlapura

Purification @ Amlapura

Q for… Quality Crafts

R for… Rice… and lots of it!

S for… Sarongs

Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah

T for… Traditions

U for… Underwater Adventures! (Snorkelling @ Gili Air)

V for… Views to die for

W for… Water Palaces

X for… Xenial Communities (“Xenial”: “hospitable, especially to visiting strangers or foreigners“. Yeah, I didn’t know it either, but if Bali’s ever in need of an adjective, “xenial” would surely be a fitting one.) We’ve chosen a picture of our guides at Seraya, who took us to the local market and their home.

Y for… You & Me

Z for… Zen Moment

Zen @ Goa Gajah

Zen @ Goa Gajah


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