A Picture A Day – Day 37: Texture!


Painting #3! Not meant as a real piece; just trying to figure out what textures I enjoy using and which ones still need some work.

Here’s what I used:


Torn paper (gesso collage) — Verdict: OK if you like a vintage/steampunk element.


Tin foil — Verdict: Yay! Love it!


Tensioning wedges (giggle) — Verdict: works well with dark colours, not so much with the lighter ones (imo).


Pasta! Well, broken up nest egg noodles, to be exact. — Verdict: fun to work with, but I have to paint the section before adding the noodles next time. Too many white spots to deal with.


String. — Verdict: always a favourite. 🙂


Pineapple leaves — Verdict: a nightmare to keep these stuck to the canvas, but fun to have on there.

What textures do you guys enjoy working with when painting? Any mishaps/triumphs that you’d like to share? 😉


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