The Wondrous Wedding!

Full picture update… go!

As some of you already know, my wife and I have two wedding anniversaries: July 14th (civil wedding) & July 18th (church wedding). Our wedding theme was honeybees, which was reflected (colourwise at least) on July 14th as well. Below you’ll see:

1st row (L to R): The wedding bees (3x) – Mrs G.’s parents
2nd row (L to R): my parents – my sister + brother-in-law – my brother + sister-in-law
3rd row (L to R): more of the same + group shot at the town hall
4th/5th row: some “on-site” shots at “Het Vinne” (a local park in Mrs G.’s hometown)

Then… July 18th!

Getting ready – the first look – flowers – and lots of hugging.

Location shoot: we went to our idyllic church first (hours before anyone got there) and into the local fields of Wezeren.

Service at Wezeren’s 13th-century St Amandus Church

Wedding Reception at De Beekhoeve

Dinner + … (De Beekhoeve)

After dinner, Mrs G. and I did our opening dance (an English waltz). This was followed by a 1.5-hour folk dance initiation (even my Dad joined in; believe me, that’s saying something!), the cutting of our (self-made!) wedding cake and opening of the dessert buffet. At midnight we held a wishing ceremony during which each of our seven tables could make a wish for the happy couple. ^^

And finally… As we had a bee-themed wedding and wanted a very personal touch:

– Bee cufflinks (Etsy)
– Home-made bee ring pillow (lovingly called “Bumbee”, courtesy of Mrs G.)
– Bee buttons for the reception guests, who could choose to support either Team Diony or Team Goedele (courtesy of Google Images and its great bees and my Paint Shop skills + Mrs G.’s sewing skills for the button containers)
– Dozens of home-made Easter chicks turned honeybees (by my hand)
– Home-made table decorations (wood slice candle holders, string beehives + each table had its own bee mascot, e.g. Melchior Metselbij (aka Melchior Mason Bee), little rhyme included — made by me)
– Home-made wedding beehive cake & bee-themed cupcakes (made by me; incredibly proud)
– Wedding gifts: little jars of — what did you expect? — honey on a (home-made) display
– We had one regular (bee-themed) guestbook and a more creative one, where guests could leave a fingerprint as part of a bee canvas. Some people went a bit overboard with the paint, so the end result is a bit different than what we originally had in mind, but we love it nonetheless!


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