40 before 40 — The List

It took me a while, but here it is! 9 years, 7 months and 27 days left on the counter! There may be some changes along the way, but for now:

Category I: Never Grow Up (Well, Maybe A Little)

  1. Create a board game
    We have regular game nights at our place/our friends’ homes, so why not create a game of our own?
  2. Catch snowflakes on my tongue
    I can’t remember ever doing this. I know! Appalling, right? (15/01/2015)
  3. Fly a kite again
  4. Make a snow angel
    I know!
  5. Make my own lemonade
  6. Roast chestnuts/marshmallows in an open fire
    C for Christmas nut, remember? 😉
  7. Build a bottle rocket
    I KNOW!
  8. Get married (14th-18th July 2015)
    Soon… ^^
  9. Celebrate Father’s day as a father
    Soon… but not that soon! 😉

Category II: Food, Glorious Food

  1. Cook a dish made up exclusively of home-grown vegetables – I’m allowing store-bought oil for obvious reasons, but apart from that, I’m going Nigel Slater allotment style!
    A 30 before 30 cancellation due to the untimely passing of our greenhouse (hence #26), but I have plenty of time to make up for this one.
  2. Make 20 recipes from 20 different countries
    Because 40 seemed like a stretch somehow. Love finding out more about international cuisines!
  3. Dine at a Michelin-star restaurant
    One star will do, though.
  4. Cook every dish in a cookbook

Category III: Landen, London and Beyond

  1. See the Northern Lights
    Another 30 before 30 cancellation due to a lack of time and money. 😉
  2. Go on a road trip with the Mrs (Malaysia 2016)
  3. Go snorkelling (30th July 2015)
  4. Visit the birthplace/gravesite of a hero — Haven’t quite decided on the hero just yet.
  5. Leave Europe (22nd July 2015)
  6. Have Balinese chicken wings… in Bali! (Honeymoon – July/August 2015)
    My parents have been asking me for my Balinese chicken wing recipe for years now (to no avail). I can’t wait to find out whether actual Balinese wings taste anything like mine…
  7. Get a diving certificate and go diving somewhere spectacular
  8. Visit at least 40 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
    In Europe and beyond; I will be counting the ones I’ve already been to as well, which is only about 11 or so. Update: after this summer I’ll have visited 22! Yay!
  9. Have a cocktail on a white sandy beach (Honeymoon – July/August 2015)
  10. Go fossil hunting in Dorset

Category IV: Très You

  1. Attend a Star Wars premiere
    The Force Awakens, baby!
  2. Visit the United States (New York, San Francisco, LA or… Astoria 🙂 )
  3. Fix up the greenhouse… or build a new (smaller) one.
  4. Get published (31st October 2016)
  5. Build a bee hotel and/or butterfly house
  6. See a live performance of Nessun Dorma, Figaro’s Aria, O Mio Babbino Caro or any other aria I feel strongly about.
  7. See the Moon (through a BIG telescope)!
  8. Get a new pet and give it the coolest name ever
  9. Have a fortune teller tell ALL. 😉
  10. Watch Alan Rickman’s complete filmography
  11. Complete a 365 photo challenge (18th July 2016)

Category V: Pushing Boundaries

Be it physical or psychological ones!

  1. Take a photography course
  2. Go to a casino and hit the slots
  3. Lose the [private]
  4. Sell a piece of art
  5. Celebrate New Year’s Eve abroad
    If you know how much I’ve come to loathe New Year’s Eve, you’ll realise this one is going to take some effort.
  6. Try 40 new things (big or small; apart from everything else on this list, obviously)
    This one might just be my favourite!

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