30 before 30 update #30 — THE END

This is it! Tomorrow we make room for the big three-oh.

On my final day as a 29-year old, I managed to complete the final items on the list:

#13. Get a 50% score on IMDb’s top 250

Last night, Ms G and I watched Django Unchained (how hilarious was Samuel L. Jackson in that one?!); today I went solo, starting off with The Big Lebowski (complete crap, if you ask me, apart from John Goodman’s character). Then along came The Usual Suspects (with an ending I saw coming from the very beginning…). I finished with City Lights, seeing as I’d never watched a full Charlie Chaplin film. Now I know why. :p

Luckily, there were some real thrills along the way to 50%. Big shout-outs to North by Northwest, Vertigo, Some Like It Hot and The Perks of Being A Wallflower!

#14. Add a touch of Frasier to our home.

I for I'm Listening*giggle* Also included in my photo alphabet under I for I’m Listening. 😉

#30. Make a wish at 3 different wishing wells/fountains/…

I went to “De Beemden” today (a nature reserve in my current hometown), where I found the perfect spot for my final wish:


And then, of course, there’s #21 — Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet — Not just random pictures, obviously, but truly personal ones. Behold, my photo alphabet (click the first photograph and use the right arrow to find out how each letter is represented)!

So long, 20s… It’s been swell!


2 thoughts on “30 before 30 update #30 — THE END

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