30 before 30 update #25 — Goonies Never Say Die!

#1 — Have a Goonie day/weekend. Not quite as perfect as actually going to Astoria, but still…

Ms G. and I started our Goonie weekend with our first Baby Ruth ever (much obliged, Amazon). I wasn’t too impressed with the taste, but add my best Sloth impression (Ruth! Ruth! Baby… Ruth!) to the mix and what you’ve got is movie magic, dear reader! 😉

Next up: a round of geocaching (which took care of #19 in one go), i.e. “treasure hunting” (kind of).


We didn’t really know what we were looking for once we got to the coordinates, so there we were, trying to find a metal box or something of the like, while actually the cache was this:


Once we’d figured that out, it was a breeze:



Next stop on our Goonie tour: golf! We drove all the way up to Limburg for an in-door mini-golf experience, which had a real Goonies vibe going for it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much of a steady hand that day, so behold… Blurred mini-golf madness!




Two-eyed Willie 😉


Once Ms G. had gone to bed…

1. I did the Truffle Shuffle in our kitchen, with the lights turned off (you never know).

2. I taped some kitchen string to my #20 (Buy something outrageous and utterly useless, just for fun) et voilà, Pinchers of Peril! I even threw in a One-Eyed Willie alternative! 😉 This will also be part of my photo alphabet, G is for Goonies Never Say Die.


I finished the Goonie weekend on YouTube:


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