30 before 30 update #13 — Art!

#28. See a live performance of an aria I love

Ms G. and I went to Museum Night Fever on Saturday, our last stop being the Brussels City Museum (Grand Place), where we were fortunate enough to attend a performance by the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

Dressed in historical outfits for the occasion, they transformed the first floor into full Baroque splendour, including Henry Purcell’s What Power Art Thou, which just happens to be one of my favourites!

I had no idea what songs they’d be singing, so happening upon this little gem (including live hapsichord, cello and violin) was — pardon the post-modern vernacular — suh-weet!

In addition, I finally made it to the Belgian Comic Strip Centre (mentioned in #12):



12 museums down, 8 to go and plenty to choose from! 😉


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