30 before 30 update #6 — Fries, Boats and Chocolate

12. Visit 20 museums, (at least) 5 of which abroad

Yesterday some friends of mine and I set off for Bruges, “The Venice of the North”. Apart from the historic city centre (UNESCO World Heritage site), we also visited two museums as part of my 30 before 30.

First stop: Het Frietmuseum (Fries museum)

patatas IMG_20130629_123301 IMG_20130629_124143
[We love our fries…]

Next, we went on a 30-minute boat tour of the historic city centre, partaking in Bruges’s most popular tourist attraction (along with horse-drawn carriages). We loved every second, so I decided to include our tour in my “Alphabet in Pictures”. ^^

B for Boat Tours!

B for Boat Tours!

Some freebies:



Third stop, Choco-Story, as after all, Belgium’s renowned for its chocolate. The museum itself was rather disappointing and at times plain annoying (courtesy of a group guide’s horrible, horrible English), but at least they had one of these:


Plus you can have a free chocolate drop when you enter. :p

Five museums down, fifteen to go!


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