So now what? — The Blogging Bug

“Where a rhyme a day keeps breakdowns at bay” ~ Project 365 status: completed.

No longer under any (self-imposed) obligation to post anything, yet here we are, a mere 24(-ish) hours later: staring at the screen, typing away and using the royal we for no apparent reason. We dare say we’ve caught the blogging bug. We’ll stop with the royal we now. We I promise.

Few friends understand this newfound love of mine. They don’t realise there’s something remarkable about sending off a piece of your soul into the world, and subsequently having the world get back to you. Over the past year, I’ve become addicted to that fleeting moment of bliss whenever “X liked your post” or “Y is now following your blog”.

Then there’s the reader. I luuuuuurve my reader, for bringing me like-minded souls, veggie recipes, funny stories and, one more than one occasion, food for thought.

So now what?

Sure, I have my 30 before 30 and the sporadic recipe or renovation calamity that I could tell you about, but that’s nowhere near enough to satisfy my blogging needs.

1. Why not blog about your daily life?

No way. Here’s why:

[From this morning’s oral exam.]
“And when exactly did Neil Armstrong land on the Moon?”
“The… 17th century?”

I weep for mankind on a daily basis. I don’t want the rest of the world to suffer the same fate.

2. Why not blog about your upcoming novel?

Not the wealth of information you’d expect. “Dear world, still writing the final chapter…”, for example, would pretty much cover the next couple of weeks.

3. Why not tackle another 365 project?

BINGO! Here’s the thing, though. I know I’m in for a rough 12 months (job issues, renovation etc.) plus I really want to focus on completing my novel this summer, so I’m inclined to pick a “One a Week” next. That way I can allow for mental breakdowns. 😉

I’ve browsed various blogs and websites for inspiration, but no luck so far. Any suggestions?

In the meantime, I’m quite happy just messing around with the layout and creating a new banner… After all, this blog post counts too, right? 😉


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