Day 365(!) – Eerie Creatures (aka Epic Rhyme Time)

Eerie creatures roam the nights
Puckish imps and evil sprites
In your dreams they run amuck
Cause in your dreams, you’re a sitting duck

Relaxation soon falls prey
Hope and promise fade away

Yet don’t forget…

Morning light and daytime air
Eerie creatures cannot bear

Temper your fears and master your heart
In time you’ll get a fresh new start
Morning brings you peace of mind
Eerie creatures you won’t find



9 thoughts on “Day 365(!) – Eerie Creatures (aka Epic Rhyme Time)

  1. Cool. So I came in on your last day? Boo hoo!!! Was this a self-imposed prompt each day to challenge yourself to write poems with different structures? Can we start over again with day one? Maybe you can just tell us what the structure is, with a link to your poem, and challenge us to join you. Would that work (or is that what you just spent the past 365 days doing??? . . . nothing like a late-comer, huh???)

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