Day 327 – Delirium

I must come to terms with these overbearing germs
A truce might end their incessant abuse
Ergo, I plead:

“Dear germs, do concede
If a new host I procure
For your company to endure
For your company to devour
For your company to empower
… [A most dramatic pause for this most noble cause]
Will you leave me be
Will you leave me in peace
Will you abscond, will you flee
Will your numbers decrease?”

And to you, dear reader, I say but this:
“Have you ever enjoyed a bacterium’s kiss?
‘Tis most enjoyable, most delectable
Most entertaining and quite the spectacle!
Try it, sample it, cherish it, savour it!
You’ll find nothing like it, the flavour it
brings to you and your kin; a shared bit of sin!
A kiss to make you sing, a kiss to make you shine!
Would you care for some proof, dear friend of mine?
Though my head is aching, though my heart is breaking
I say…
These marvellous parasites are yours for the taking!


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