30 before 30 update #1 – Lavatory Morse Code, Semi-Waterfalls and A Bit of Beethoven

[Find my full list here]

# 12. Visit 20 museums, (at least) 5 of which abroad — I’m thinking one for each month I have left until my 30th birthday, starting in April. As a bonus, I’ll only be counting museums I’ve never been to!

OK, the “one museum each month” bit’s not happening. I’m too big of a culture vulture… On today’s trip to Ghent I visited:

1. Museum voor Schone Kunsten (Centre for Fine Arts)


Loved the building more than anything inside it, really. Loved the Ensor pieces. Must go back for the Modernist exhibit!

2. S.M.A.K.

As I mentioned in a previous post, not a big fan of the experimental film section, but enjoyed Ensemblematic very much. The one thing I took a picture of was in the loo:


Anyone up for some decoding?

3. Design Museum

Pretty neat! This piece alone should be enough to convince you:


[Image source]
–> 3 down, 17 to go!

In related news:

#4. Learn how to play Moonlight Sonata on the piano — I’ve recently been tempted to start playing again (after a 14-year hiatus), and as MS is one of my all-time favourite pieces, I figured it had to be on here.

Making progress! A colleague told me we have a piano on campus (who knew?!), so I’ve been sneaking in some additional practice after work. Currently fairly good at playing the first page (of five). The biggest issue is learning how to read sheet music again, as the following picture will prove:


#18. Bake PERFECT macaroons — I’ve made “OK” batches before, but never achieved perfection.

Today I bought the (supposed) answer to my macaroon woes:


The guy at the shop told me “it’s all about the oven”… right before adding “I’ve failed miserably each time, though”. Amateurs! 😉

And finally,

#26. Get behind a waterfall — I came across this one at 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4 and thought it was brilliant.

I discovered a SEMI-waterfall by accident today AND got behind it!

Front view

Front view

THE view

THE view

HOWEVER, I’m not ticking it off my list just yet, as… well… this is a pretty pathetic waterfall and just didn’t feel like the real deal at all. That sentiment will change if I don’t succeed in my waterfall mission by my 30th birthday, though. Just saying! 😉


3 thoughts on “30 before 30 update #1 – Lavatory Morse Code, Semi-Waterfalls and A Bit of Beethoven

    • I feared as much when I tried to run it through one of those online morse decoders and ended up with the following translation: “invalid characters”. 😉 Let’s keep it at “Art is whatever you want it to be!” Thank you for stopping by!

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