Day 265 – Museum Night Fever, Brussels

Our hearts afire, our senses set aquiver
La Monnaie never fails to deliver


NOTE: For those of you who have never been to Brussels, De Munt or La Monnaie is one of Brussels’s cultural hotspots for opera, dance and theatre. The main building alone is worth a visit, but during Museum Night Fever visitors were given a chance to explore the many workshops, studios etc. the company has to offer as well as enjoy a piano concerto, aria, cello solo, … Out of all the participating museums we visited tonight, La Monnaie was my personal favourite. I should point out I’m not without bias, seeing as I love most classical music and I’ve been hooked on La Monnaie ever since an obligatory visit during my uni years (Much obliged, Mrs Merckx!). Last year, I dragged my first-year (Business) students over there for what was possibly one of the best guided tours I’ve ever had in my life (Long live Ms — please be a Ms — Panouclias!). 

A few other interesting highlights:


Graffiti wall outside the Musical Instruments Museum – We all love Barry! ^^


Bernard Van Eeghem painting key events in world and art history on a huge plastic canvas at BOZAR (Centre for Fine Arts)


The “Vochol”, a Volkswagen Beetle completely decorated with glass beads in the tradition of Mexico’s Huichol tribe (BOZAR).


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