Aetheria — Creatures

More concept thingies!


Soul Suckers (they have a better name in the novel) — This was definitely an early idea, seeing as about the only thing left in the book is the pair of hollow eyes.


A Myoclonk, pulling your soul from your body as you sleep and releasing it, thereby causing a hypnic jerk (also called myoclonic jerks, hence the name). I still love the idea. I actually ended up using this creature’s look (or rather, part of it) for the Dormalf.


I have no idea what this is. A totem pole come to life?


Again, no idea. Maybe I watched Hellboy the night before. Doesn’t the head remind you of Abe?


A “Vriezel” (Dutch name, obviously, which works well, as it’s a combination of “griezel” (creep, monster) + “vriezen” (freeze)). That ghastly thing on the left is its tail, btw. This one actually made it into the book, and was originally written as an English rhyme back in 2008, when I was still brainstorming about the plot!

Some background first: during his stay in the Citadel, Klaus (my MC) comes across an old book filled with stories about creatures that used to inhabit Aetheria, the “Vriezel” or Squomp (I just liked the sound of it) being one of them:


At first glance
most charming this wight must seem,
when visiting children in the hour of dreams

Though its mien is benign,
though its pelt is snow-white,
you’d do well to elude this creature of night

For from the shadows emerges
a bringer of bale –
’tis a creature of devilry attached to this tail

The Squomp’s foul claws,
with unsettling zest,
wreak havoc upon its victim’s chest

The infant’s heart
for this truculent beast
equals the pinnacle of the murderous feast

And while its piercing teeth
consume the prey’s lungs
Its lovable tail devours the tongue

Thus, children of Zezberoth,
proclaim virtue and fear
for when Lazarus returns
the Squomp shall be near

The ending’s rubbish, but the rhyme gives you a good idea as to what the book within the book is all about.


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