Day 80 – Sing-along!

[To be sung to Shirley Bassey’s Goldfinger]

Saaand diggeeer [tudu tudu du]
He’s the man, the man with the aching wrists
His pain persists [tududu tuduuuuu]
Twists… and turns feature [tu tuuuu tu]
On his path to enter a home robust
Devoid of dust! [tuuu duuu tuuu duuu]

Sudden stabs in his shoulders and arms
Are enough to cause mental alarms
For the digger soon knows when he’s aching
That the sand has won!
Alas, poor saaaand digger! [tu tuuuu tu]
Working lad, beware of these tiny graiiiins
They can cause spraiiiins!

NOTE: For your convenience —

I might turn it into a full song later on… once typing doesn’t hurt like hell.


One thought on “Day 80 – Sing-along!

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