I’m not a vegetarian, let’s be clear about that from the get-go, but I do enjoy – nay, love – cooking vegetarian meals. Due to my meaty ways, however, I lack the same level of confidence in the kitchen when preparing a veggie dish as opposed to a meat lover’s paradise. So whenever I come across a vegetarian cookbook, I tend to get excited. When I say “excited”, I mean I want to do a happy dance right there in the bookshop.

It seems to me that veggie cookbooks focus on a much wider range of tastes than “regular” ones. Maybe that’s just new-found love talking, but there you go. Two of my most prized additions to my vegetarian cookbook ensemble include Alice Hart’s Vegetarian (which was on display at Books for Cooks – on my must-do list whenever I’m in London) and Denis Cotter’s For the Love of Food. If you haven’t heard about these, be sure to check them out. Cotter’s book in particular took vegetarian cooking to a whole other level for me.

Since starting my blog, I’ve come across some wonderful WordPressers (is that the correct term?) sharing vegetarian and vegan recipes. I noticed that most of them include their own recipe for granola and started wondering: it’s just cereal, right? WRONG. It’s so much more, and so much better.

I grabbed hold of one of my veggie bibles and, lo and behold, dear Alice offered a recipe for Toasted honey and pumpkin seed granola with yoghurt. Based on fellow bloggers’ recipes, I took hers and added a pinch of cinnamon (how I adore cinnamon!) and some chopped figs. This morning I had my very first bowl, adding some fresh mango to counterbalance the acidity of the yoghurt. Needless to say, I am now spreading the word to all of my relatives and friends.



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