Day 30 – Dealer of Dreams

Strolling down my hometown’s streets I happened upon a peculiar sight
‘Twas a stall, rather small, which was run by a rabbit whose fur was as black as night
He said he sold dreams; one pound a piece – a million if you wanted them all
There was one labelled Fame, another one Love and Money was causing a bit of a brawl

Business was lively, to say the least, so I decided to have a closer peek
The stall itself was a feast for the eyes:  a downright drole little dreamy boutique!
I ogled Good Fortune, I glanced at Pure Bliss, whereas World Power made my heart skip a beat
I grew ever more restless, started sweating to boot, and before long made a few fellow customers retreat

“Anything the matter?” the rabbit asked, with a smile so engaging it calmed me at once
“I can’t seem to choose but one from your stall…” I replied in a whisper, feeling quite the dunce…
“Ah, but the more you have, the fewer you’ll achieve!” the rabbit declared in a solemn voice
“Best start with one and work from there…” he added as he gave me Wisdom of Choice.

NOTE: While we’re on the subject of dreams… I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this tone poem (not just because it’s Star Wars, btw):


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