Day 12 – Education, A Gripping Tale in Two Acts

Act I: The Great Pitch

So you’re thinking of pursuing a career in education…
Joining ranks to fight the war on intellectual starvation.
Bravo, brother! Welcome, sister! May your spirit remain forever!
On this patient path you’ve chosen, on this grandest of endeavours!

Now, a warning… You’ll hear many rumours, some of which are true…
This profession, noble though it is, may get the best of you.
Yet fret not, my son and daughter! Educate those hungry brains!
For come summertime each year you’ll find your efforts were not in vain!

Act II: A Most Disturbing Development (*)

The Yeomen come from Yemen — but only the “manly” ones will do!
America had 48 colonies, a fact I bet you didn’t knew.

Cyprissians conquered Cyprus, and Haitians are actually called hajj.
I wonder whether they could earn a shiny ICPO(**) badge…

Greenland’s part of the US! And Interpol’s the place
where they test rockets before they’re shotted into outer space.

* The following are all actual exam answers.
**International Criminal Police Organisation, aka Interpol (apparently).


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