Day 5 – The Fleeting Foe

Many foes have succumbed to my skilful hands
Yet there’s one who remains; my force she withstands
She’ll taunt me, she’ll haunt me with nocturnal screams
and flaunt her unscathed skin in my dreams

Some call her The Creature, some The Gaping Hole
I know her as Badonkadonk, the malevolent soul
Forever she evades my grasp, my graze
Each time she eludes me with her feminine ways

In defiance of gravity, she skips and she prances
Unscalable through my knightly advances
Yet I shall not rest before she is mine
And my dagger she will evermore enshrine!

As I was leaving the train station today, there was a man on a bench crying out “Wench! Harlot! Drab!” (Well, Dutch equivalents, obviously) to female commuters passing by. Mentally unstable though he may have been, he was a great source of inspiration. Hazaa!


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